tldr; custom cheese tasting.

Courtney joined us in Lake Tahoe for our trip to Desolation Wilderness and will be staying with us for the next few weeks as we travel up to the very north of California. Our first stop together after Lake Tahoe was Napa Valley.

We booked a campsite on acres of land with hiking and biking trails and lots of wineries nearby. At the campsite, Courtney stayed in our “guest room”, a cozy tent, while we parked nearby. Our first morning, we had a great breakfast at a diner recommended by my friend Jon (we met up with Jon and his wife Lauren back in San Luis Obispo). And then headed out to explore wine country.

None of us are really wine connoisseurs so we opted to have a wine and cheese picnic at the campsite, rather than shelling out the cash for tastings at some of the many wineries in Napa.

We drove through wine country, admiring the long rows of the vineyards and the tall trees lining the gravel pathways leading to each one. We stopped at V. Sattui, one of the few wineries that don’t require a reservation due to Covid, to wander around the grounds and sit outside on a bench for a while before picking out our picnic supplies.

Courtney and I got a little overexcited by the extensive cheese selection and picked out 7 different ones to try out. After picking up a baguette, different flavors of olive oil, chocolate, olives, nuts, salami, and a couple bottles of wine (of course), we headed back to the campsite. We laid out our picnic on a table and made our own tasting. It was delicious!

After dinner, we lounged in our hammocks reading and watching the sun go down.

The next morning, Choi and I headed off on a run through one of our campsites many trails. It led us straight up a very steep hill and then wound us back down through a misty forest and eventually back to our campsite, where Courtney was waiting with donuts she’d picked up for us. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Napa Valley, we love your many wines, olive oils, and cheeses, your great weather, and your incredible campgrounds. Along We Go!

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