tldr; surprised.

After four months on the road (to the day!), we flew back to Austin for a surprise weekend visit. We weren’t able to see all of our friends and family on this trip but we saw as many people as we could.

This visit was a surprise to my parents and grandparents and one of Choi’s best friends who was having a long-awaited birthday party with friends now that we can all safely gather.

So many surprises!

We’ll keep this post brief and dump some photos below. As a quick overview, our weekend was full of surprises, hugs, games, laughing, good meals with family and friends, and lots of Humphrey cuddles. It was also filled with many creature comforts we’d missed like hot showers, spacious beds, couches, AC, a dishwasher, private laundry, and toilet paper that’s better than 1-ply.

We felt filled up after our long weekend with loved ones and were ready to hit the road again.

This was the only selfie we took all weekend!

Austin, we’ve always loved your friendly people, good food, amazing parks, and (mostly) good weather. This trip, we especially love you because of all of the people (and pets) that call you home. Along We Go!

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Meredith Davis · June 1, 2021 at 4:15 pm

Maybe my favorite post yet 🙂 Home is always sweet, no matter how far along you go-we’ll always be here waiting for you guys!! So blessed by the surprise!

MAMAW · June 1, 2021 at 4:55 pm

It was so fun to be surprised by you guys!!! Seeing you slinking across that parking lot like the Pink Panther was a total surprise. We too were very blessed by the visit.

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