tldr; we’re gonna live in a van.

This is the reaction we got from most of our friends and family when we first told them that we would be moving into a van after getting married and traveling the United States to climb, hike, and enjoy a slower paced life outdoors. While many of our friends and family were initially surprised about the idea of us living in a van, they soon realized that this sort of radical life decision is actually right in line with who Choi and I are. 

From our first date at a taco truck outside of our climbing gym, Choi and I knew that we wanted to travel together someday, and we were pretty sure we wanted to travel full-time. Both of us were instilled with a love of travelling from a very young age. Choi grew up in Korea and Texas, with a quick stint in North Dakota (to be born) and Scotland (when he was 8 years old). Having grown up all over the world, it’s no surprise that Choi loves visiting new places. My travel experience has been a little bit different than Choi’s. I’ve lived in Austin, Texas my entire life but have been really fortunate to have travelled a lot with my family as a kid, and I still love exploring today.

In addition to both being firmly infected with the travel bug, we both also love to be outside. Something we’ve talked about with our version of van life is that we aren’t really living in a van for the next year plus. We’re sleeping, eating, and working from the van but we’re living in the great outdoors, wherever we happen to be that day! I like to think of us as a turtle. Our van is our shell, full of all the comforts of home. But just like a turtle doesn’t just live in his shell, we don’t truly live in our van. We live in this beautiful world, and our van / shell is there to keep us safe and comfortable as we explore.

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Ikraam · May 9, 2021 at 8:21 am

Good luck! You are my heroes. Very brave 🙂

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